Data Zetu is an outcome-driven program

In the long term, we seek that data is more frequently and effectively used for decision-making. But this kind of culture change takes time that will outlast the Data Zetu program.

To lay the foundations for that long-term vision, Data Zetu is driven by five outcomes:

  • Increased positive experiences with using data
  • Improved technical capacity to engage with data
  • Increased availability of data
  • Improved accessibility of data to non-specialists
  • Improved inclusiveness of the data consumer and producer ecosystem

We’ve set 14 indicators to track our progress towards those outcomes. Follow our progress in the table below, but keep in mind: Data Zetu’s impact is measured in more than just numbers. See our data use stories for a deeper understanding of our impact.

Our indicator table:

Increase positive experiences with data Number of use stories demonstrating meaningful subnational data use 1015
Percent of people who report a positive change in perceived value of data 100%65%
Percent of people who report a positive change in the number of data-informed decisions they make100%83%
Improved technical capacity to engage with data Percent of people who report a positive change in their ability to engage with data 100%77%
Number of trainees facilitated by Data Zetu 7001,224
Number of people who are trained by trainees (without Data Zetu involvement) 42874
Increased availability of data Number of new community-generated datapoints shared openly 140,000170,148
Number of organizations making data available 2880
Percent of organizations who report sharing data internally more often 100%83%
Improved accessibility of data to non-specialists Number of digital and offline tools making data accessible 918
Number of DZ tools that drive engagements to other DZ tools 90
Improved inclusiveness of the data consumer and producer ecosystemPercent of activity participants who are female 50%45%
Percent of activity participants who are youth (below 35 years) 75%64%
Number of organizations engaged 2801,077

Updated quarterly. Last updated June 2018.


DISCLAIMER: The data and insights presented here are not necessarily statistically representative and are not published as official statistics. Rather, they represent a small subsection of the population who have interacted with Data Zetu activities and voluntarily provided their feedback to inform our impact monitoring efforts.